Wonderful Cottage Garden Design Ideas


Wonderful Cottage Garden Design Ideas

Cottage Garden Theme

Wonderful Cottage Garden Design Ideas. Have you ever wondered how a cottage garden got started? They were usually built and maintained by people that didn’t have very much money. They generally lived in a small house or cottage in England, which was rental or as part of their employment, and were maintained by the woman of the house.

Most of these people did not have the money to purchase the plants, so their friends would give them cuttings, seed or divisions of their own plantings. They were not always the best plants but they were older ones that were familiar to most everyone. Many of these cuttings and divisions were probably many years old that just kept getting passed on and survived. The look of your cottage garden will resemble theirs once you understand how they lived and gardened.

Flowers weren’t the only plants that were passed on to friends. Fruits and vegetables also were obtained from friends or other family members so as to feed their families. These families did not have very much land to work with, so every inch was used for vegetables, fruit, and flowers.

Many of the fruit trees that were planted were not only for the fruit to eat but for a shady seat for the gardener to shell peas or shuck corn. Under those tall fruit trees was also a good spot for planting shade tolerant flowers such as wildflowers from the nearby woods. Others would plant berry bushes so as not to have too much shade. The vegetables gave them food and color in the garden. The flowers that were planted were always a pleasure to enjoy while picking their edible gardens.

Not everything in a cottage garden was planted to grow along the ground, some vines, both edible and ornamental, were trained to go up fences or a handmade trellis. Roses would grow upwards on a trellis or on fences. You can train your plants or vines to do basically anything you want, for instance on a homemade trellis to frame some of your outdoor furniture or on an arch trellis for a grand entrance to your garden.

When you plant your own cottage garden you can use their ideas or your own. You can plant many different plants or many plants of the same kind, the choice is yours. But remember to cover every square inch of ground, it may be a jumble of plants but then it wouldn’t be called a cottage garden. It is called creating a garden on a limited budget so plant flowers, self-sowing annuals or perennials, which will come back again the next year.

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