white roofs home design

White Roofs to Reduce the Heat

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white roofs home design

elegant simple design of beach house white color
Don’t you realize that the weather becomes hotter and hotter everyday due to the effect of global warming. That is why it is probably good to follow what the US Energy Secretary, Steven Chu said to paint the roofs of our home with white color. White roof is believed to be able to minimize the heat of the sun because the characteristic of white that can reflect the heat. To ascertain the effect of white roof home can be seen from the graphic below.

graphic of white roofs effect

The Greek had applied this method many years ago in which they painted the entire house with white color. It is because they realized the effect of white or just because of their culture. From the aesthetic point of view, a house in white arrives a sense of purity and cleanness. Most people may prefer to choose to design their homes in white since it will create a spacious view to the house. And with the proper usability of home furniture, white will really emerge an elegant outlook and modern home design.

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exterior design with white roofs
white home interior
white roofs home design
elegant white home interior