Water Garden Ideas

Water Garden Ideas. The sound of moving water is calming. According to the Chinese art of Geomancy or Feng Shui, a source of moving water in the garden or in your house balances the yin and yang. However, without holding on to the principles of Feng Shui, a water garden will transform your landscape as it adds beauty and a general sense of tranquility to it. A serene ambiance is created making a peaceful haven out of the garden to unwind, relax and enjoy.

A water garden and an aquatic garden have the same components. The two terms are encompassing as they could refer to a pond-less waterfall, an ecosystem pond with waterfalls, a fishpond or decorative carved or cast stone fountains tucked in the garden or installed in the deck and in the house. Any garden feature that is am an aesthetic source of water is an integral component of a water garden.

Which Type of Water Garden to Choose?

There are plenty of water features that can be added to the landscape or inside the home. A water feature could be a tabletop fountain, a stone pool, or even a large man-made fishing lake in a recreation park. Here are a few types of water features that can be used in a water garden.

Fountainscapes – These decorative water features can easily be installed in the garden. Fountainscapes can be a stand-alone carved center fountain or pool, a wall fountain, a stone wall, a container water garden, bubbling urns, spitters and all other types of a water fountain that are directly connected to water and power supplies to operate.

Stand-alone fountains are very popular today to those living in compact apartments and residential units as they are available in various sizes and are easy to set up. Wall fountains, stone pools, and wells are great accents in the garden. A wall fountain can also be tastefully featured in the house’s interior.

Simple container water gardens are great options for an indoor water garden. Also called a tub garden, a container water garden is quite easy to put together. The container can be any shallow cylinder or square container, bowl-shaped or even an old tub filled with water and aquatic plants.

Bubbling urns and splitters are great water features to add to a garden too. These features are not necessarily small and have to be installed directly over a water supply for them to bubble and spit. Water in all types of water features is re-circulated by using a small pump. For larger water features such as water fountain with pool or center fountain, larger pumps are used.

Ecosystem Fishpond – A pond, natural or man-made, is needed for an ecosystem fishpond. An eco pond system includes the birds, insects, fish, algae, and bacteria that live in the pond. An ecosystem pond provides food and shelter to the wildlife in the garden.

A pump and filtration systems are required for an eco-pond to thrive. Aquatic plants are necessary as biological filters and as a food source for the fish and good bacteria in the pond. Gravel and rock are recommended for pond flooring as they absorb the UV breakdown and serve as a surface for the excess nutrients in the pond.

Pondless Waterfall – This is a waterfall without a pond. The feature is usually set up against a wall with a small water reservoir for the water. A pump is needed to circulate and re-circulate the water. This type of water feature is easier to maintain than an actual waterfall with a pond or an ecosystem fishpond.

If you are new in the area of a water garden and water features, choose the best water feature that will work best in your garden or landscape. Choose the water feature that you can easily maintain. Choose aquatic plants that are sturdy and do not require too much attention and care. Choose fish that are low maintenance.

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