customized wardrobe
customized wardrobe

Wardrobe Design and Ideas

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By Chad Delaney
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A wardrobe is an important part in any and every house. Like a bed is needed to sleep in, a wardrobe is needed to store our clothes in (every so often shoes included). This particularly pertains to people or families who have an extensive collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. The most important feature of any wardrobe is functionality and versatility. Customizable space is particularly functional, where we can adjust the space available for different needs. For this reason, the drawers, hangers, boxes inside the wardrobe play an important role deciding the efficiency of a wardrobe.

Aside from readymade wardrobes, there are also options obtainable for customized wardrobes where we can make our own wardrobe with sliding doors or hinged doors; whatever is right for us and what we have on. A lot of companies who give customized wardrobes let the buyer combine individual frames together to suit their style. They also let the buyer design the inside of the wardrobe, providing them with a big choice of shelves, drawers, clothes rails and so on.

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In a customized wardrobe, a variety of kinds of doors can be used; a number of people may have a preference of the look of sliding doors in place of the regular ones; some may prefer vinyl doors and panels as they are mostly moisture resistant and have a tough, durable and decorative surface resulting in a stylish door with an excellent resistance to impact. Vinyl doors also decrease the danger of edges catching or chipping.

Sliding doors, on the other hand, add the required aesthetic appeal in an otherwise common wardrobe. They come in sleek ceiling to floor sizes and cover the bedroom storage from wall to wall; traditional doors are unable match the quality and versatility which the sliding doors in a wardrobe provide. Standard wood effect, mirror and glass sliding doors are not only gorgeous from the outside but also smart from the inside.

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The majority of the companies selling wardrobes give the options of wardrobe design and installation, custom design wardrobe, sliding doors, budget friendly wardrobes, accessories and professional installers who will assist in setting up the desired wardrobe in the house. They offer creative space saving solutions to a lot of areas of the home and office that have traditionally been left under-utilised and badly planned including living rooms, home offices, laundries, children’s rooms, garages, workshops and bathrooms. The design comprises stylish, well constructed modules that give the flexibility to make the ultimate wardrobe plan to maximize our available space, and reflect our personal style.

Wardrobes can be a small corner in the house or a room large enough for us to walk in and get ready there. The walk in wardrobe is large enough to walk inside to store clothes or other objects, on two or three sides. They may come with lighting, mirrors, and flooring distinct from adjacent rooms. A wardrobe can comprise of multiple sections meant for keeping in a variety of things. While one section can handle your cosmetics, the other can take care of your bags. The upper section is usually confined for jeans where as the lower one for tees and formal shirts.

customized wardrobe
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The most significant factor when opting for the wardrobe is seeing its flexibility and the ability to store everything, from your vintage clothing to your impulsive buys or some random thing you picked up from the flea market. Every blouse, jumper and scarf should be in place.

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