vertebrae bathroom design ideas

Vertebrae: Modular Metal Vertical Bathroom for Your Design Idea

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vertebrae bathroom design ideas
What do you think it is? It looks like something you may find in a spaceship or station. It is a bathroom. It looks clean, industrial, sleek, contemporary, futuristic but functional. It is not just a bathroom but it is said as the first vertical bathroom in the world. It comes with spinning showers and is completed with secret toilets. Vertebrae is designed by Design Odyssey and would be very appropriate for you having a small bathroom.

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Vertebrae consists of 7 levels having a toilet, sink, 2 closets, a container for storing water, and 2 pieces of shower that can be used by 2 people at once at the same time. Vertebrae is made from aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm and guarantees you that there will be no rust though it is often exposed to water and for the colors, you can choose according to your taste.