unique plywood rocking armchair 01

Unique Plywood Rocking Armchair Mamulengo by Eduardo Baroni

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unique plywood rocking armchair 01

unique plywood rocking armchair 01

When we conjure up rocking chair, we frequently envisage a granny knitting socks while rocking slowly.Well, that vision does not at all go well with the rocking chair in question here! Mamulengo by Brazilian designer Edoardo Baroni is everything but an old and unique fashioned piece of furniture. Designed and manufactured with highly developed technology, Mamulengo gives a new dimension to the rocking chair. This piece is meant to stand out in any environment, and addresses a different category of users- younger, dynamic and in love with design. Launched by Rio de Janeiro based furniture company Elon, Mamulengo is made of a multitude of plywood slices of different seizes. These slices, set vertically, are assembled flat in four key points, thus holding together as a whole. The chair remains see-through both from front/back and from the sides, which gives it visual lightness. The curves of each slice are somewhat different, and yet they come together in harmony to create an organic and ergonomic shape. The pieces are lacquered independently before the assembly of the chair, for a perfect finishing. Mamulengo is presented in natural wood finish, but it can be lacquered in a variety of colors to suit a lot of tastes.via


unique plywood rocking armchair 02

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