Unique Kids Bedroom Ideas
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Unique Kids Bedroom Ideas

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Unique Kids Bedroom Ideas

Creative Kid Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Before decorating a bedroom for kids it is necessary to first understand what do kids love the most. If you have seen a kid playing in his room you will notice that kids love to mimic real-life situations.

For example, they will play about a fake school, shopping, traveling in the train, doctors giving injections, airplanes, etc. All this comes out of curiosity and an urge to learn more about things happening in real life.


As a designer of the kid bedroom what you can do is design a kind of furniture that will create temporary spaces in the kid bedroom that can be used to work out small temporary spaces to perform various activities mentioned above.

It can be in the form of partitions, bunk beds, and study tables with unique storage spaces. Kids love to have their tiny storage spaces which they call then their “own space”. A little creative thinking can generate unique furniture with simple and basic colors.

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Another approach to decorating a kid’s bedroom is to use the bedroom walls, ceiling and flooring as a storyboard. The story can contain picture cuttings or collage of cartoons, vehicles, planets and solar system, trees, animals, real-life heroes who performed great acts, etc. Such kind of creating a storyboard will help the kid to learn what is really happening in real life and relate it to his perception of real life.

Color schemes in a kid bedroom can be plain colors with subtle touches of bright colors can help Instead of applying bright colors on walls it is a good idea to use other accessories such as area rugs, curtains with bright colors. The wall paint must be a washable type because kids do have a habit of writing on walls.

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