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Types of Contemporary Furniture

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casual contemporary furniture casual contemporary furniture – details

Contemporary furniture can be either formal or casual. It depends on the upholstery materials chosen as well as the accessories shown in the room. Famous upholstery choices for contemporary rooms consist of leather, cotton, canvas, and linen. The colors of modern fabric and leather upholstery have a propensity to be in neutral tones or bolder colors like red, yellow, or blue. Nevertheless, a lot of contemporary furniture pieces can be found in black or espresso finishes. Types of contemporary furniture include:

contemporary beds contemporary beds – details

Beds – Contemporary beds can be low to the ground and now and then feature attached shelves for use as night stands. Other styles come with storage drawers built-in underneath the bed. Platform beds are frequent, where the bed frame is designed as a solid platform or with short support legs. Often times there is either no headboard or a very low profile version made of wood or upholstered with fabric or leather.

dining furniture dining furniture – details

Dining Furniture – Contemporary dining room furniture is frequently made of metal, wood, acrylic, or glass materials. One innovation worth checking out is the extendable dining table which has the flexibility of changing to different size configurations without the need for removable leaves. Modern dining chairs are very simple in design with straight or slightly curving backs. Common color palettes for contemporary dining sets are wood stains, silver metallic, and black leather. And It goes to show that contemporary furniture is inspired from traditional styles, however it seems to be heading toward a more modern future.

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