japanese dining table design ideas

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture Design from Hara

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japanese dining table design
If you are looking for Japanese dining room furniture ideas, you may consider these pieces of dining room furniture from Hara. They look so elegant and tough. Furniture materials made of dark brown or black lacquered wood completed with simple lines and curves usually becomes the characteristic of Japanese home interior decorating ideas.

japanese dining table design ideas

The Zataku is a dining table set from Hara Design which is dedicated for you who want to decorate or redecorate the dining room with minimalist Japanese furniture style. Zataku dining furniture set comes with Zaisu chairs. Zaisu chairs are popular as traditional Japanese seating that have a back and cushion without legs. They look very cool to be positioned in your small dining room featuring the Japanese home design style.

minimalist japanese dining table design ideas
minimalist japanese dining room furniture design