Tokyo Flawless Residence with a Stunning and Sober Feel

Tokyo residence design
Take a look at this wonderful residence of TH House by Baqueratta which is located in Tokyo, Japan. It offers a simple and flawless outlook which is believed as a great symbol of Japan’s modern residential architecture. Its exterior with only windows looks like a giant concrete rectangle. This residence is characterized much by elegance and simplicity which also try to give an indication of the contemporary arrangements inside. Most rooms have an opening which face a central green area. This way nature is brought indoors creating a small oasis. Its aesthetic interior decorations are pretty charming. And the unadorned rooms are very stylish and seem to inspire a peaceful, faultless atmosphere.

Tokyo residence interior design
Tokyo residence bedroom design
Tokyo residence living room design

href=””> Tokyo residence kitchen design

Tokyo residence entertainment center
Tokyo residence interior entertainment center
Tokyo residence interior look
Tokyo residence outdoor look
Tokyo residence interior bathroom

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