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The Difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

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Majority of us get confused when it comes to understanding What Is The Difference Between Interior Design And Interior Decorating ?. The two terms are usually confused with each other and more often, treated as one. However, the fact is that these two terms refer to two different professions that share very little in common!

The primary differences between interior design and interior decorating relate to the difference in the qualifications, experience, and functions of the professionals in these two fields. While interior design involves working with architecture, interior decoration relates only to the look or the appearance of the building or the landscape.

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Interior decoration is used to change the aesthetics of a room, house, office, or any other space. It involves using different decorative elements and accessories to embellish the walls and floorings, and arranging the available furniture in the right manner. However, any standing structure cannot be changed or removed while decorating.

Interior design, on the other hand, lays emphasis on the architecture of the area and can change the standing structures of the place to alter the aesthetic look. Besides architecture, interior designing also involves finding the right arrangement for accessories, exterior elements, light fixtures, furniture, etc.

Interior decorations have nothing to do with the exteriors, while interior design incorporates both, the interiors as well as the exteriors of the building.

Another point of difference is that while interior decorators are experienced to work on all areas inside the building, interior designers are specialized in just one specific area.

Last, but not the least, while an interior designer is required to go through a four year bachelor program, an interior decorator can start to work after completing a two-year Associates degree from a community college. [via]

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interior decorating living room picture