The Combination of Blue and White for Living Room Decoration Ideas

blue white living room interior

The use of some colors for living room decoration will give certain senses. The combination of blue and white applied in this living room interior has successfully created soothing and relaxing effects. The placing of some items such as the family photos hanged on the wall, the furniture, desks, chairs and others completes the cozy look of this room. The main colors used here are blue and white. And it would look livelier if we can consider the placement and the color palette of other items. The array of indirect lamps installed on the ceiling with yellowish light is able to enhance the warmth and coolness of the room. Sofas are very identical with the living rooms. You can pay more attention to the sofas. The placement of a white, L-shaped sofa which is completed with double coffee table on each side will make the room look cozier. Get you inspired by looking at these photos.

blue white living room interior design
blue white living room interior ideas
blue white living sofas
blue white living room interior decoration

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