artistic stone wall decoration ideas

Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

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stone wall decoration ideas
It is very common to use stones on fireplaces, main walls, stairway walls and accent walls in today’s interior home design. Stone walls look very congruous with almost all interior design plans which range from country style to the modern styles. Decorating any other wall in the house is as simple as decorating a stone wall. Here are some ideas to decorate the stone wall in your house dramatically.

artistic stone wall decoration ideas

For the accessories, you can go by the traditional technique of wall decorations, hang pieces of artwork and photo frames to embellish the walls. However, make sure the pictures, paintings, and the artwork used for adornment are bright enough to complement the dull, sturdy look of a stone wall. Alternatively, you can construct small shelves against the stone wall and use them to showcase your unique collections of clocks, carvings, sports memorabilia, sculptures, coins, or photographs. Other wall accessories, such as Mexican tiles and framed posters, can also be used for decorating stone walls.

simple and natural stone wall decoration

For windows, creating faux windows on the stone wall can also add pizzazz to the overall decorations. Faux windows can be easily made at home by spray painting the old multi-paned windows with bright colors. Painting murals of on the stone is an ideal way of decorating the stone walls. An additional depth and dimension is added to the wall paintings by the rough texture of the stones.

bathroom decorating stunning stone wall
unique and creative stone wall decor

By applying these ideas, you can make the task of decorating stone walls easy and interesting like any other fun activity. However, when painting or hanging accessories, as described above, make sure you sure hanging systems and painting elements meant exclusively for use on stone walls. via