Small Terrace Apartment Design Ideas and Inspirations from Clodagh Architecture

small terrace apartment design ideas
Terrace becomes a functional place in a home or apartment. It can be a relaxing site for taking a rest, having meal, meeting with partners and other useful functions. A terrace can be an outdoor living room and a transformation of the outdoor to the indoor throughout the year. Make a good terrace is like imagining a living space and expanding it and setting a simple table, sun umbrella and then creating a relaxing terrace oasis with lush plants, comfortable lounging areas and a barbecue.

small terrace apartment design ideas photos
small terrace apartment furniture design ideas

Take a look at these terrace design ideas that will give you any inspiration of contemporary terrace design with complete features for outdoor relaxing that will help you to organize small outdoor party or gather with your family. The terrace here is especially designed for a small home or apartment. It would be great to be applied in your small space or for you who are lack of vacant area in your home and apartment. Thinking about renovation of your old small terrace apartment, find more at Clodagh Architecture.

small terrace apartment design ideas with night view

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