small kitchen design

Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Limited Kitchen Space

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small kitchen design

small kitchen design
Having a limited space kitchen doesn’t mean that you will spend less time in the kitchen. A small kitchen will look as a very comfortable and functional space if we know the proper design for it. If you are looking for kitchen design ideas for small kitchen, take a look at these small kitchen design pictures to enrich your ideas to turn your small kitchen space to look spacious to be a big hit.

Take a look at the small apartment kitchen outlook above. The kitchen table and chairs are small and minimalist. The two chairs are designed transparently. A transparent chair arrives a sense and illusion of having a large space. It is very creative. The maximization of the window’s functionality is very correct. And it is supported by a mirrored back-splash which also creates a larger appearance for the small counter top space. The way how the stove is built right in to the counter top is a clever way. And wall space which is utilized by a contemporary shelving unit holding spices and utensils has successfully made this small kitchen have a wide ambiance. White wall also gives a clean and neat atmosphere in it.


small red kitchen design

small blue kitchen design
small wooden kitchen design

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