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Play Garden Ideas Stepping Stones

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Create Your Own Stepping Stones!

Play Garden Ideas Stepping Stones. Garden stepping stones are a part of a garden decoration that helps you walk in your garden after the rain, so you do not need to walk on the slippery surface. It is also helpful when you are going to water your flowers.

Garden stepping stones are quite popular for their function to build paths through the yard. However, besides the function, there are other factors that support their popularity.

The first factor is they allow you to use your ability to make your own stepping stones. With some materials and properties like water, Vaseline or cooking spray, pre-mixed concrete, molds, wheelbarrow, shovel, chicken-wire fencing, and a concrete coloring agent, you can start making the stones you want.

The second factor is you can use your creativity to create some motifs or, like mosaics arranged from colored stones. You can also make an animal or cute pictures so your children will love them. By applying some cute pictures, it indirectly interests your children to step on the stones when they are playing in the yard. They will not enter the home with dirty feet.

The easy maintenance is the third factor. To prevent dirt and moss, you can coat the stones with stone varnish. It keeps the stones durable, with the colors as new as the first time you made it.

By making the stepping stones yourself, it feels like having personal stones you will not find anywhere. It makes you proud when friends get amazed on these.

If you are interested to start creating these, you may ask your children to join you. There are some recommended embellishments for the stones, including small stones, marbles, seashells, and bits of colored glass. Your children’s handprint is also a good idea. Someday, when they grow older, these stepping stones will remind them of the times with you.

You can also arrange stepping stones that lead you to your fish pond. The existence of fish pond itself creates the unique look to the whole view of your garden. To keep your pond clean and healthy, you need fish pond filters []. For any information about the filters, visit [].

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