Home Design

If you don’t have large enough room to make a bathroom, TRIS is your solution. With its shape which like a cabin, it is very suitable to set in small rooms. You can set this bathroom in your bedroom.

If you are looking for a design of bathroom, take a look at this bathroom design. It is a very creative design of shower that will adorn your bathroom.

Clean but industrial, sleek but functional, contemporary but futuristic, the photos make it look like something you would expect to find on a space ship or station – but here it is, the “world’s first vertical bathroom” – complete with spinning showers and secret toilets – you can build right in your own home.

This Folding Shower, which is a concept by French company Supiot that is currently looking for a manufacturer and a distributor, is a unique design that’s supposed to allow people living in small apartments to install a shower that doesn’t take up too much of their limited space.

The use of carbon fiber is mainly found in automobile and other vehicles since this material is strong and light but expensive. Probably you will never imagine that now this material is used to beautify your bathroom.

If you have never seen or heard it then do not be surprised if in Chile (Chile, South America) there is a pool that reaches 1 km or has a volume of 250,000 cubic meters of water, area of 8 hectares and has a range of depths up to 35 meters.

Nemo 33 is a 33-meter deep swimming pool that is filled with specially filtered unchlorinated spring water. It has a range of different cool stuff underwater, including simulated caves, several platforms and of course the 33-meter deep cylindrical pit.

The swimming pool is located at the hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore This is the highest pool in the world today because the location of the pool is located at an altitude of 200 m or more precisely on the roof of the building as high as 55 floors.

The basic production principle of a “Tegolasolare” tile is that of a roof tile, in both form and material. A solar power panel comprising four photovoltaic cells is installed on the roofing tile with ceramic body mix.

The patented SRS connection system eliminates the complex system wiring normally found on solar roofs, and makes installing tiles with and without solar an easy “hammer and nails” process.

Home interior design should notice the need of the rooms with the home furniture needed not only loading the rooms with all kinds of goods to get a harmony in the home.

Are you decorating your small bathrooms? Here are some pictures of small bathroom for your decorating ideas.