Outdoor Patio Lighting

Outdoor Patio Lighting. There is nothing better than to sit back and enjoy a barbecue or a dinner party on your deck with family and friends. Have you considered the variety of patio lighting that is available to create the right mood and highlight special areas to make your patio a very special place?

Patio lights can do more than just illuminate an area. They change the character of your patio.

One of the most common reasons for installing patio lights is security and safety. In some areas, this is a very important reason to install patio lighting. If you install deck lights for security, ensure they are properly located to light up areas of concern e.g. paths and steps.

Patio lights can also be used to highlight certain areas in your garden or on your deck to make them extra special. Spotlights can be used to illuminate specific features such as trees or statues. Sometimes using colored lights can add that extra bit of interest to these areas and make them real talking points. For example, soft green lights directed onto foliage can be really spectacular.

The most common use for patio lights is when having a party to add that party atmosphere. Colored lights are strung up around the area and can really brighten up an area and give a carnival atmosphere. But you can also use these outdoor party lights to provide different moods. If you are having an intimate dinner party out on the patio you may not want bright colored lights. Simply by changing to globes of different colors, you can create any mood you want.

Say you are having that special dinner party, why not use subdued colors like blue to provide a zen-like effect that promotes conversation. If you are using a dance floor brightly colored patio lights are the best around that area while around the eating area more subdued lighting can be used. It is easy to mix and match in different areas. The colors of the outdoor patio lights can also be used to depict different themes. For example, why not use red, white and blue lights for your 4th of July party. Red and white lights could be used at Christmas.

If there are areas you want to rope off why not try rope lights. They can not only act as a barrier but can also be useful to highlight ponds and garden beds. These rope lights can also be used to line paths and so are extremely versatile as well as good looking. Again, by varying the colors of the globes you can also change the atmosphere of these areas.

In these days of being environmentally conscious, we are able to access patio lights that use a lot less energy than conventional globes. Solar garden lighting and solar patio lights are readily available and over the past couple of years have become very affordable. Low voltage lights are also available. These are usually 12 volts and are connected to your household power by a transformer. Both low voltage and solar lights are available in many styles.

When considering your outdoor patio lights make sure that you know exactly what you want them to achieve and then research the alternatives available. That way you will be sure to get the most versatile and cost-effective lights that will give you years of enjoyment.

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