new nisha lounge

Modern and Unique Nisha Bar Lounge from Pascal Arquitectos

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new nisha lounge

modern new nisha lounge
What is your first impression when coming into this bar? Cool and elegant, isn’t it? This lounge bar lies in Acapulco. This is an entertainment site designed by Pascal Arquitectos which is dedicated and optimized for those who want to enjoy highly luxurious break-time and senses. High architectural taste and art, the music, the images, and virtual atmosphere are created deeply to make you get both physically and mentally entertained.

unique new nisha lounge


The sense of submarine interior, which is nicely seen from the main foyer interior decorated using lined wood with oval windows, is clearly pictured from the interior elements of this bar. A view of the outside smoking area can be viewed closely from the lounge which furnished with small group of sofas. This cozy site is also completed with 3 meters high video screens. The restroom is nicely differentiated in two different areas. The woman’s area is coordinated with red and white ambiance perfected with a big palm trees in the center. In another side, the man’s restroom section is colored in blue and black with a central triangular decorative and exotic plants. The lighting system is endorsed by some lamps producing special light effects.

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