fireplace brick wall decorating ideas

Fireplace Wall Decorating Ideas

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fireplace brick wall decorating ideas
There are various ideas of decorating fireplace wall outside there. Fireplace is used as the main point of attraction of the house, especially in the living room. Here are some creative and inspiring ideas for decorating the fireplace wall. You can hang or fix a large object on the wall just above the mantel to draw people’s attention to your fireplace. For this idea, you can use some items like a huge and remarkable piece of art work, a large piece of wood or ironwork, a big framed, decorative mirror, or a tight arrangement of small pictures or photo frames to embellish the wall.

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Adorning either side of the central large object using small mantel groupings is able to foster the effect and add pizazz to the wall decorations. It is also important to make sure the items and accessories that you use to embellish the fireplace wall are in harmony with those used for mantel decorations. In other words, it means that the wall decorations should serve as a backdrop for the mantel adornments.

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Another idea is to create a dramatic effect and unify the wall space using repetitive colors and materials and a balanced set of coordinating accessories and decorative elements. What you have to remember when decorating fireplace wall is to make sure that your decorations are in accordance to the current seasons and interior decoration trends.

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