Minimalist Kitchen Concept for the Small House

fold up kitchen ideas
If you are looking for a kitchen design for your limited space of house, this furniture kitchen concept from Melanie Olle & Ilja Oelschlagel may become your reference and consideration. Their design is very proper for you having a small home. This kitchen plus dining table and wardrobe does not only focus on the multifunctional kitchen but it also has a considerable and artistic form.

fold up kitchen

fold up kitchen design
fold up kitchen concept

When the kitchen is closed, its design will just look like a picture of lines but each line is actually formed from some furniture such as tables, benches, and lighting. When you need them, just pull a certain part out and you will get dining table, chairs, cupboard with the lamp. The dining and its benches can afford for four adults. All of the equipments can be pulled out separately so that you can have one equipment that you want to use, for example; a table for cutting the vegetables and others.
minimalist fold up kitchen design

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