Minimalist Home Design

minimalist home design
Minimalist home design concept is aimed at increasing the value for the entire room (exterior and interior) by lessening anything excessive in the room. Minimalist philosophy represents a practical, dynamic, effective, and efficient lifestyle which is applied in all life aspects including architectural building, home interior, and garden exterior. The room felt spacious (empty, immortal, meditative) accords with the main need to the home owner. It also optimizes the fresh and healthy air circulation and the abundant lighting system from the sun which is full of colors.

modern minimalist home design

Minimalist home design sweeps out the saturation of many application of decorative ornaments and furniture accessories. The characteristic and quality resulted of a room is determined by the existence of the room not from the furniture accessories inside. [via]

elegant minimalist home design
fresh minimalist home design
clean minimalist home design
unique minimalist home design

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