Lost House – Modern Apartment Look with Minimalist Interior Design

modern minimalist apartment interior design
Lost House is the modern apartment look located at Crinan, London. It is designed by an architect named David Adjaye. Modern minimalist look is the main concept of this stunning apartment design. It comes with some beautiful pieces of interior furniture set. Its interior is totally awesome with elegant choice of furniture arranged with a high taste of art. The luxurious leather sofas, modern home theater with futuristic style, water garden and a large bed room space are arrived to create a comfortable and perfect dwelling.

modern apartment with minimalist interior design

The green leather sofas are able to emerge a still and soft sense to this living space. Spaciousness and cleanness which are supported by the use of glassy materials are obviously seen in this area. This apartment would be a useful source for those looking for ideas of modern and minimalist apartment interior.

modern minimalist apartment interior furniture
modern minimalist apartment with green sofas
modern apartment interior design
modern minimalist apartment interior
modern minimalist apartment bedroom interior design

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