The Dena Happi Tree lamp base and shade is the wonderful way to softly brighten your nursery. It needs one 60-watt bulb maximum. Coming with this is on/off switch which is conveniently located on approximately 46″ cord.

This table lamp comes in antique gold. With its traditional and antique design, it would give a classical ambiance in your room.

These cherry blossoms are pretty and sweet, a quaint night light in a vase and make no pretense of sophistication and they are a total kick, and people love them.

This mini chandelier is so beautiful. It is designed in purple. It comes with four lights. This lamp would make your room look more beautiful.

Having a well-lighted garage is essential for every home. Nobody desires to move around in the darkness, anyway. If there is not sufficient lighting, you will have difficulty finding tools and other things stored in your garage.

Table lamp comes in some designs, prices and materials. To get the best one when buying it, there are some important things to consider when buying it.

Giving safety for your family is not just focused on the interior of your home. Your exterior particularly the outdoor lighting should also be given a great attention for the safety.

This luxurious and unique lighting which its design resembles a lotus flower would be very beautiful to install in your living room or kitchen to get glamorous effect.