high tech home office lighting

Lighting Design for a High Tech Home Office

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high tech home office lighting

The right choice of lighting will really endorse to create the wanted atmosphere in our home office that we wish. The wrong choice of lighting will affect the entire look of the room that probably causes the uncomfortable ambiance in the room.

high tech home office lightinghigh tech home office lighting


home office lighting design ideas

home office lighting design ideas

For your home office adopting a high tech concept, you can choose ample lighting that does not put a glare on the computer screen. If it is necessary you can also add a special glare-thwarting screen to the computer. Opting for halogen and fluorescent lamps will suit the look. To arrive ambient lighting, you can use recessed ceiling can lights or hanging industrial-style fixtures. It will also be supportive to leave the windows undressed, or you can cover them with venetian or vertical blinds or unadorned roller-style window shades.

modern home office lightingmodern home office lighting

contemporary home office lighting designcontemporary home office lighting design

Keeping the floors plain is also suggested. And if you are installing a new floor, you must go with modern sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, terrazzo tile, monochromatic ceramic tile or an extremely low-level commercial-type carpet so that your chair’s castors will move easily.



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