Landscape Lighting Ideas for Home and Garden

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outdoor landscape lighting ideas
outdoor landscape lighting ideas

landscape lighting ideas

When you are looking for landscape lighting ideas, the possibilities are nearly endless. There are lots of ideas that you can apply for your home and garden. You have a free choice to make your landscape lighting as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. The only things that will limit you are your personal preferences, size and shape of your landscape. And of course, you should also consider your budget.

outdoor landscape lighting ideas
You will find that with the right landscape lighting techniques and a little design creativity, you will really enjoy your landscaping during the day and into the night as well. There is a general rule to keep in mind when you are installing your landscape lighting, “less is more”. Don’t you want to see a tastefully lit landscape at night, not the light source that just calls attention to itself, do you?

simple landscape lighting ideas
modern landscape lighting ideas
To get the best result, you have to use light sparingly in strategically placed locations of your home. If you place too many lights along walkways and borders, it will cause the dreaded “runaway” effect. So, you have to watch it out. One good landscape lighting idea that you can apply is by creating a gentle moon glow type of lighting effect on the flowers, trees, walls walkways and other features in your garden.

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garden landscape lighting ideas
home landscape lighting ideas
You can get it by concealing the light source behind shrubs, tree branches or other foliage. Keep in mind that your lighting fixtures should essentially disappear when the lights are turned on, unless the light fixtures are a decorative element in itself.

beautiful home landscape lighting ideas


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