kitchen interior stone walls

Kitchen Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

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elegant gray kitchen interior with stone wall
Kitchen walls which are made from stone will arrive different senses for the kitchen. The senses whether they are modern or traditional will really depend on the way we arrange and choose the materials and accessories. Here are some ideas and tips for kitchen stone wall decorations. Take into consideration to hang tin ware lanterns adorned with beautiful shapes and punched patterns from small hooks on the stone wall to further augment the rustic look of the kitchen.

kitchen interior stone walls

To decorate the kitchen stone wall we can use some decorative accessories such as a message box, a metal key keeper, pie plates, colanders and kitchen utensils of olden times. If we want to add shelves to the stone wall, the best choice comes to the traditional rustic wood shelves which are made from distressed wood. These shelves are very ideal to store decorative accessories like antique pottery, tin ware, old cookbooks and wicker baskets.

Another creative and interesting idea is to hang candles from small hooks placed under these wooden shelves. And to add pizazz to the country charm of the kitchen stone wall, it can be done by decorating the wall with beautiful, textured fabric or quilt hung from a wrought iron drapery rod, old-fashioned tin signs, and a distinctive collection of wicker baskets.

modern kitchen stone and brick wall
luxury kitchen with natural stone wall decor