modern kitchen paint colors

32 + Kitchen Paint Colors Tips idea

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modern kitchen paint colors

Kitchen is one of the most important areas in our home. We spend much time with our beloved family members. We cook, chat and share while preparing the meal here. A kitchen should be a comfortable place so that we will enjoy being here when cooking. Decorating the kitchen is a challenging task and it will be more difficult to choose the right color for the kitchen. We have to consider lots of elements when we work on kitchen paint colors. If you are looking for tips for kitchen paint colors, here are few tips to make your job easier.


As the kitchen cabinet occupies most of the available kitchen space, it is important to first decide their color tone and then match the paint colors to them. Consider using a dual color tone for your cabinet and use one of the colors to paint the walls of the kitchen. If you have placed a small dining set in the kitchen area, make sure the color of the furniture set blends well with that of the walls. Kitchen paint colors should also match the color and design of the tiles used in the area.

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The choice of the kitchen paint color should be made in accordance to the kind of mood or ambiance you wish to have in the area. For instance, bright shades of colors create a lively atmosphere, while the lighter shades are used for a more relaxing ambiance. The colors that are most commonly used to kitchen walls include different shades of off-white, yellow, beige, light red, pale blue and soft green.

The idea of dual toned walls painted in different shades of the same color or in unique combination of two contrasting colors is also popularly used for designing the kitchen décor now-a-days. For instance, you can try combination of off-white with one of your favorite colors, or beige with chocolate brown.[via]