KAWA – Sensual Bathroom Furniture Design by Karim Rashid

Kawa bathroom design

KAWA is the new bathroom furniture design designed by Karim Rashid. It comes with futuristic concept that can be seen obviously from the shape and the use of color combination. It can create a different atmosphere on your bathroom. What the designer said is totally true. He said about his product,”I created a form that is like a surf or wave of crashing water in the ocean, a curved flat section that is rounded and ‘softened’ on the ends. Its minimal style and a sculptural movement that speaks about the flow and projection of the water. But the floating form does not sacrifice function, and in fact, the form is designed completely around ease.” Entirely this bathroom furniture design is very sensual and elegant. Get the details of this home interior product at cisal.

Kawa bathroom furniture design
Kawa sensual bathroom furniture design

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