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Italian Interior Decorating

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If you want to integrate romance, style and great art work then you are definitely opting for Italian style of interior decorating. Italian style of interior decoration is unique and provides elegance and a distinct charm to your home. You can follow these simple Italian interior decorating tips in order to get an Italian look for your home, irrespective of where you live.

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Colors and Texture

Try to use a rich cream, beige, or red color for your walls for setting the tone for the rest of the decoration.


You can consider using marble, mosaic, or natural stone floors for flooring. Italian style of decorating does not involve any wall to wall carpeting. Instead, finely crafted terra cotta or ceramic tiles are used for flooring and parquet wood is used exclusively in bedroom flooring. You can consider covering your wooden floor with a rich tapestry rug, large Venetian plasters or a Persian carpet. Bamboo flooring provides an exotic look and feel.


Furniture must strictly be of the finest quality. Oak and pine pieces are usually used. For more elegance, you can consider cherry or mahogany pieces. You can also opt for Italian worked leathers for that luxurious feel. You can consider using furniture with dark or gilt finishes with graceful curves. Antique pieces or reproductions look the best.


Consider using sheers, silk, or velvet for your curtains to blend with the surroundings. You may opt for rich tapestry prints and matching throw pillows.


You can add matching accessories such as a beautiful piece of artwork. You can create an aura of elegance and beauty by decorating the rooms with majolica pottery. Consider adding decorative mirrors and chandeliers for complementing the looks of the room. [via]

italian interior decorating ideas
italian home decorating interior design