large wall living room decorating ideas

Interior Large Wall Decorating Ideas

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large wall living room decorations
Having a large wall in our house will allow us to do lots of creativity in order to make it to be something that will give excellencies to our house. We will have more challenges to decorate it. When it comes to plan the interior design of our house, decorating a large, empty and whitewashed wall can be a very challenging task to do, both creatively and financially. Some materials such as huge wall paintings, wall papers and textured fabrics which can be used to adorn a large wall usually come in an expensive cost. They also need special light fixtures to keep them illuminated.

large wall living room decorating ideas

A great idea for decorating a large wall is by dividing the whole wall into four equal parts and decorating each quarter with contrasting paintings, color schemes and accessories. But it will absolutely need a lot of creativity to do so. Another creative and thought-provoking decorating idea is to give mounting a V-shaped shelf on a large wall that will divide the entire wall space into three parts. And each part can be separately adorned using wall accessories like photo frames, medals, trophies, flowers, lamps and light fixtures. We can also give some remarkable pieces of art work.

simple large wall interior decorating ideas

What should also be remembered is the color scheme and the lighting of the wall that must go harmoniously with the texture of the wooden planks that are used for showing the decorative items.

wooden large wall interior decorating ideas
large wall decorating ideas for living room