Inspiring Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen doesn’t only function as the place for preparing food. It sometimes serves as the kids’ study room, family dining room, and informal office space. The availability of kitchen lighting today needs much more than one fixture in the middle of the room.

kitchen lighting design ideas kitchen lighting design ideas

The shape and size of the room will influence the lighting design for any kitchen. The kitchen lighting design will also depend on the tasks that will be completed. Some combination of accent, general and task lighting are needed by most kitchens. It is important to remember that different lights have their own function, from providing ambiance to making chopping easier and safer. That is why figuring out what you want your lights to accomplish is the first step that you have to do. In general, lights are either functional or decorative.

unique kitchen lighting design unique kitchen lighting design

With the functional lights, they will enable you to find things in cabinets and drawers, move around the space safely and complete tasks. Some common kitchen functional lighting fixtures include fluorescent, recessed lights and low voltage lighting. One of the best kitchen lighting ideas is recessed lights, which are particularly effective over the sink and stove to provide even task lighting. Pendants as the decorative fixtures will provide enough light for a family eating area, particularly if it is completed by task lighting in other areas o the room.

modern kitchen lighting design ideas modern kitchen lighting design ideas

A decorative fixture with more than one bulb can be a consideration to provide the needed light over the island. Several of the most popular finishes in decorative kitchen lighting fixtures include wrought iron, colored glass, pewter, and satin nickel. To remember, it is very important to light the entire kitchen, no matter what style of fixtures to choose. The space below and above the kitchen cabinets is one important area to be lit. These lights provide accents on the ceiling as well as task and accent lighting for the countertops.

kitchen remodeling with simple kitchen lighting kitchen remodeling with simple kitchen lighting

Some of the common fixture types for this application include miniature track lights and strips of low voltage lighting. Halogen fixtures have gained popularity due to their ability to be dimmed and the quality of the light they produce.

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