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Inground Swimming Pools Maintenance and Care

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natural inground pool

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How we treat and maintain the above ground pool will be different with the inground pool. For inground pools with water tube type covers, make sure if there are any water tubes breaking over the winter that you must replace them. The availability of a few extra tubes handy will be a good idea so that you can replace them as required. The usability of the tubes is intended to hold the cover on the pool and also to prevent wind from blowing the cover up. The cover will fall or blow up easily caused by some areas which are not properly covered with tubes.

natural inground pool

Cinder blocks bricks, flower pots, lawn furniture or other heavy items are the material that you can use to keep your cover in place. If you use such materials and if the cover starts to fall into the pool, it is able to drag them into the pool and they can cause massive damage to the pool cover and or liner. Another important to do is to pump the rain water off the cover a few times throughout the winter. Removing the accumulation of leaf that may occur on the cover is also important to do.

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Excess water and leaf weight is the factor that can trigger undue stress on the cover and cause the cover to rip or fall in. You must also check the water level in the pool every month. Losing a lot of water in your pool can be caused by a slow leak in the liner, so have to pay your attention to it. Refilling water to the pool with a hose and keeping it as high as possible will prevent damage to the cover, liner, and walls if you notice the water level in the pool dropping. If you also notice part of the cover that fall into the swimming pool, right away pull it up and properly reset it to prevent damage. [via]

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