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High-style Exterior Doors That Make a Statement

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While any old doors will give channel to and from your house, high-style doors can create a great first impression and present a sneak peek at your home’s interior decor. Have a look at these photos of distinctive doors to get ideas for your own home. Above, the owner accentuated this dramatic wooden door by framing it with a pair of lanterns and tall, red pots overflowing with colorful plants.

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A red front door is thought to attract good energy in feng shui. Unique details, such as a sleek handle essentially designed for an appliance, make this custom wood-and-glass door catch the eye. This high-style exterior door is designed by Amy Bubier.

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The owner of this home found an inexpensive way to dress up his home’s arched doorway: After buying a resin garland for $20, he painted it to match the home’s stucco and hung it above the entry alcove.

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Firstly designed to keep animals out of farmhouses, Dutch doors are divided horizontally into two sections, allowing the top half to be opened while the bottom half remains closed. Nowadays, Dutch doors are useful for letting in light and fresh air while keeping children and pets securely inside. It is designed by Amanda Benger.

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A front door beautified with decorative spirals is an unexpected touch against the clean lines of this contemporary home’s entryway. This door is designed by Pamela Berstler.

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Oversized sliding doors let for flexibility when it comes to indoor/outdoor entertaining. Leaving the doors somewhat ajar allows guests to pace outside, while opening them all the way makes a seamless transition from the dining room to the patio.

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An arched wooden door which is painted rust red stands out against this Tudor-style home’s muted colors. This vintage door is designed by Daniel.

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Dredel utilized six paint colors to increase the details of his century-old foursquare home. When paired with muted grays, bright red paint brings out the decorative woodwork in the appealing front door’s sidelights and transom window.

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Two splendid wooden doors leading to a real patio fit the splendor of this 1926 Italianate house. Intricate brickwork and enduring lanterns further boost this entryway. Design by harvestmoon75.

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When it is paired with blue siding and white molding, this lively yellow door becomes a vivid focal point that sets a happy tone before one even comes into this home.