Green and White Garden Ideas
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Green and White Garden Ideas

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Green and White Garden Ideas

Green and White Garden Ideas. Gardens in summer burst with color, so it may seem very strange to restrict yourself to those with white flowers or blossoms, but if you’ve ever seen a white garden you know how the simplicity of the color scheme somehow adds elegance and sophistication.

Green and white gardens are more than beautiful during the day, but they have one outstanding feature which makes them ideal for anyone who enjoys entertaining in the garden, they look fantastic at night.

Whether you view the garden with the benefit of outdoor lighting, or just the gentle glow of the moon and the stars, you’ll see that unlike the bright colorful blooms which disappear into the night-time shadows, white flowers gleam at night. By moonlight, it almost seems as if they glow.

If like many, you enjoy your garden at night, why not use all the facilities of the Internet and create your own white garden. You can design with white blooms in mind, or simply select the flowers and plants you would normally choose and opt for the white variety, there almost always is one!

White gardens have been famous throughout history, but the garden at Sissinghurst in Kent in the UK is probably one of the best known of modern times and draws visitors from all over the world. It was designed by Vita Sackville-West a poet and gardening writer, and her husband Sir Harold Nicholson who was an author and diplomat.

The garden itself was designed as a series of ‘rooms’ each having a different color or theme; all are divided by high trimmed hedges and pink brick walls, the White Garden is the most famous of these intimate and romantic places.

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