Gothic Garden Decor
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21 Gothic Garden Decor

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Gothic Garden Decor

Gothic garden decor theme is an awesome idea. Gothic home décor and decorations, either you love it or you hate it. Dreaming of gravely pale dried red roses against a medieval throne chair is enough to make the most macabre damsel weak in the knees.

There are various different types of Gothic decorations, ranging from gravestone etched art to more restrained Gothic-Victorian themes. Whatever may be the case, if you are someone – who enjoys this kind of interior designing – then the following 10 gothic decorating ideas will be of much benefit to you and the undead who cohabitant therein.

Gothic garden: The sky is the limit when you wish to experiment with a Gothic garden, references to “Jasmine and Rose” aside… Exotic, strange and visually shocking deadly nightshade flowers and orchids would fit in well. In terms of furnished accessories, you may try out weeping Gothic fountains, gargoyle statuettes or cast iron seating.

Gothic colors: Oh the horror, you mean there is a color other than black? All other varieties of dark, vibrant colors go well with a Gothic setting. Herein, you may choose to pint your home walls with different types of reds, purples and stone hues.

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