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Futuristic and Modern Fiber and Aluminum Furniture Design by Ross Lovegrove

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futuristic aluminum furniture design

Are you looking for modern and futuristic furniture design? Look at these pieces of furniture designed by Ross Lovegrove which are displayed in Philips de Pury & Company, New York. They possess futuristic nature that can be seen from their shapes and the materials of which they are made. Most of these awesome items are made of aluminum and carbon fiber. But the contemporary quality of these designs goes beyond the material. Ross Lovegrove has gone the extra miles to integrate pure forms by using new materials, processes and technologies. And the result is this great furniture design. The next thing that comes to my mind is how a room or any interior design in this case fits these avant-garde designs? The arrangement should complement each other. By so doing it would form unique oneness with the same spirit.

futuristic aluminum furniture design ideas
futuristic furniture design ideas
futuristic fiber furniture design
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