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Funky Ceramic Lamps Inspired by Disco Ball – Scotch Club from Marset

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Scotch Club is designed to be more than a simple lamp. It is truly a statement. Mashallah and Xavier Manosa are the creative persons who have designed it in such a way as to prove that good design transcends all times and technologies. Therefore, they decided that the prototype of the lamp was made from the drawings which were sent to the manufacturing unit by fax, a machine that has not long ago revolutionized communications and yet become obsolete for a while now. Distributed by Marset, Scotch Club is a polygonal pendant lamp that pays tribute to the revolving disco ball by its shape and to the first nightclub in Europe by its name. The 72 facets of the lamp mirror the light in as many directions, like inviting to movement and dance. The lamp is made in ceramic and it comes in three sizes: 17, 26 and 41 cm. A ceiling and two wall models complete the collection. The exterior is made in four finishes. They are white, blue, terracotta, or black, while the interior shines dazzlingly in white or gold. It can be used in a playful deign to generate a funky impression, but it can very well become accustomed to more abstemious environments. Great design gives object this capacity of either adapting to the environment or making the environment adapts to their presence. Get you inspired with these funky ceramic lamps! via