Functional and Minimalist Kitchen Concept

futuristic kitchen cupboard design
A kitchen with minimalist and round shape can be a trend in the future. Its unique shape will really facilitate us to position it anywhere. One of the modern kitchens with futuristic design can be seen from this kitchen. A kitchen concept that has won a design with a theme “Kitchen is The Heart of Home” is a small but very functional kitchen.

futuristic kitchen design

cupboard drawer kitchen design

Some interesting things in the “Future Kitchen” among others are a system with two layers so that the table and a cupboard below it can rotate each. This nice kitchen is equipped with a fridge, oven, a hidden container to store the knives that will automatically open when needed (no. 14) and many more. The designers of this minimalist kitchen are Cheng Ce, Zhou Dong and Liu Guang Ku from China. This kitchen will be very helpful and useful for you having limited space in your house. [via]

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