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Fall Decorating Ideas for Dining Room Table

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Fall Decorating Ideas for Dining Room Table

Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations – Ideas for Decorating Your House for Thanksgiving – The Cornucopia

Nature’s Bounty – The Cornucopia

Fall Decorating Ideas for Dining Room Table. If images of a cornucopia jump into your mind when you think of Thanksgiving, why not create a cornucopia or two of your own for your Thanksgiving decorations?

Find the Perfect Location

Of course, you can place your cornucopia on your dining table as a centerpiece, but if you are going to have a lot of food on your table, or are using your turkey as your centerpiece, there just might not be enough room. You can utilize other focal points in your home for the perfect location for your Thanksgiving cornucopia.


Do you have a bay window that’s begging for some Thanksgiving decorations? Perhaps the breakfront or other similar furniture in your entryway is in need of some decoration. Either of these locations will also be perfect.

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The Base

Start with your base: the horn-shaped basket. If you do not have a horn-shaped basket of your own, be creative and make your own version with a different base. You can use a shallow round-shaped basket.

Fun tip: If you want to create individualized cornucopias for your guests, you can use waffle cones. This individualized concept is unexpected, and can allow you to customize each cornucopia for each guest!

The Filling

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing what to put in your Thanksgiving cornucopia is color. Take advantage of the beautiful reds, oranges, golds, yellows, greens, browns, tans and burgundies of fall.

Here are some ideas for filling materials for your cornucopia:

  • Indian Corn
  • Yellow Corn
  • Small Gourds (As many different colors as you can find!)
  • Small Orange & White Pumpkins
  • Red, Yellow, & Green Apples
  • Pears
  • Purple & Green Grapes (Synthetic grapes are recommended.)
  • Green, Red, Yellow, & Orange Leaves (Depending upon where you live, you can
  • use what leaves are still on your trees, or you can use synthetic leaves.)
  • Fresh Cranberries or Other Berries
  • Acorns
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Fun tip: For individual cornucopias in waffle cones, you can customize what items you place inside. Here are some fun alternatives for an individual Thanksgiving cornucopia filling:

  • Individualized Name Cards – This means your cornucopias can double as name cards!
  • Crayons Paired with a Turkey Hand Cutout for Decorating – If you have
  • children attending, this will give them a fun activity!
  • Spiced Pumpkin Seeds – Great for snacking!
  • Spiced Pecans or Nut Mix
  • Candy Corn or Candy Pumpkins
  • Caramels
    The list goes on. Don’t be afraid to let your creative side out!

Assembling Your Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Tip: If you intend on moving your cornucopia, place a single piece of fabric or a flat tray underneath it for easier transportation.

Place some of your leaves on the area underneath and around your cornucopia.

Begin stuffing the inside of the horn-shaped basket (if that is the style base you are using) with either tissue paper or newspaper, or something similar.

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After the basket is nearly full with the stuffing material, begin placing your larger, firmer items in the basket like apples, pears, and pumpkins.

Keep adding other large items like the Indian corn to the basket, allowing them to gradually pour out of the basket. Make sure the softer items like grapes are placed around the outsides so they don’t get squished.

Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches, add cranberries (or another berry of your choice) and acorns to fill in the gaps between the other items in your Thanksgiving cornucopia.

Fasten a bow to your basket for a great finishing touch.

Add a few of the colorful leaves amongst the items.

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