bathroom lighting design

Determining the Suitable Spot Light in the Bathroom

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bathroom lighting design
Choosing the right kind of lamp for the bathroom and deciding on where to install it is very important to arrive the desired optimum lighting effects in it. To give an equal light distribution anywhere inside the bathroom will be gained with the general lighting as the basic requirement for the bathroom. The many ideas to get the best position of bathroom lamps. Installing down light fluorescent on some spots that enable it to shine on almost all side is one of the best positions. General lighting serves more as all purpose lighting. For specific activities such as showering, using makeup or any other bathroom activities, the bathroom still needs additional lighting.

bathroom lighting design ideas

Applying down light fluorescent or down light halogen is best suitable for bathtub particularly when positioned on the ceiling parallel to the center of the bathtub. And it is also a good idea to utilize a dimmer so that the lighting can be adjusted to the prevailing mood. For the shower box, it is a good idea to put the light above the shower. Once again, the use of down light fluorescent or down light halogen is still a good choice.

bathroom lighting design concept
bathroom lighting ideas

The heat from the lamp can also serve as a help to the drying up process after the shower has just been used. When used as place to put on a makeup, the indirect lighting is the most suitable method. This can be done by directly install the lamp on the side of the mirror. The purpose of the indirect lighting is to prevent blinding effect as a result from direct light exposure.

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