Cool and Trendy Green Prefab Home Design from Fabcab

green prefab design 01

The accessory dwelling unit such as one with Backyard Boxes in the Seattle and laneway houses in Vancouver is in style in Pacific Northwest. Now FabCab, short for fabulous cabin by Emory Baldwin, would like to help this market out in Seattle by selling eco-friendly prefab and kit dwellings. FabCab’s first home, which was on display at the Seattle Home Show in late February, is a 538 square-foot home with an open kitchen, living space, bedroom, and bathroom, all for the price of about $85,000.

green prefab design 02

Locally sourced and sustainably harvested Douglas Fir, low-VOC paints and finishes, and water efficient fixtures and components are the materials with which The Seattle Home Show model was built. FabCab’s show model includes Kirei panels, Flor carpet tiles, Lutron lighting controls, Ramblewood cooktop, Raydoor sliding doors, bamboo flooring, Takagi on-demand hot water heater, Toto bathroom fixtures, Vetrazzo counters, and Yolo paints.

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The size being offered varies from 300-450 square feet for small FabCabs, 450-600 square feet for medium FabCabs, to 600+ square feet for large FabCabs. Visit FabCab official website to get more information.

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