Contemporary Lounge Decor

Ideas on Contemporary Lounge Decor

By Kevin McLaughlin
contemporary lounge
contemporary lounge

The contemporary lounge has become a multipurpose entertaining room that can provide accommodation for small private parties and large gatherings. From social cocktail hours to live concerts a contemporary lounge has lots of uses and a good idea for meeting all the needs of your lounge clientele is to outfit the space with high quality commercial bar stools. Unlike chairs that fit best with matching tables bar stools can be arranged in a variety of ways to accommodate small concert crowds and pre-dinner parties and are not held to any one particular lay out.

If you manage a contemporary lounge space think about all the functions you can take advantage of and plan your decor in view of that. Today a bar or restaurant lounge is much more than simply a waiting area. The lounge has become the place to begin an evening, hang with friends for cocktails, watch entertaining performances including concerts and comedy routines and in some cases end the evening too with a nightcap. Owing to the versatile nature of the contemporary lounge managers would be wise to keep their options open when it comes to providing high quality commercial seating.

contemporary lounge 02
contemporary lounge

 When planning a contemporary lounge think about wood and metal bar stools to handle a wide variety of occasions. Sturdy, lightweight and versatile commercial grade bar stools provide sleek, stylish and comfy seating. From traditional beech wood to polished chrome and aluminum bar stools are obtainable in various modern designs for upscale martini bars and swank cosmopolitan lounges. Depending on the type of lounge you are running you can select from backless, swivel, upholstered and stacking stools to handle a lot of different events and crowds.

To accommodate different crowds, evening themes and private parties a good idea is to stock up on adjustable height stools that can be raised or lowered to fit counters, tables and bars. Obtainable in loads of styles with custom upholstering adjustable height bar stools offer comfort and convenience with a sleek and modern look. Scores of adjustable height stools feature cutting edge design with chrome and fiberglass frames that are hard-wearing and stylish.

contemporary lounge 03
contemporary lounge

Another hip option for commercial seating is to add chrome and leather to your barstool collection. Featuring the modern look of polished chrome and the traditional soft feel of genuine leather these bar stools fit the decor of most contemporary lounges and offer the best in comfort and quality.

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