minimalist kitchen cabinets design

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Natural Concept

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minimalist kitchen cabinets design

minimalist kitchen design concept

Having a kitchen design with natural ambiance would be able to enhance our creativity and imagination when cooking. It can be achieved by arriving kitchen furniture or kitchen cabinets which are designed to go with the natural concepts. One of the concepts is the color choice. For your reference, just take a look these pieces of furniture for the kitchen. Kitchen design from Gian Vittorio Plazzogna is very close to the nature. The result is an elegant combination of natural and contemporary kitchen aspects which put forward the use of natural materials. The material for the furniture and cabinets are mainly made of wood featuring distinctive patters and a rustic charm. Adding a little more fun into the mix, the Kora kitchen “doesn’t surrender to elegance in detail,” according to Cesar. This earthy kitchen is free from hardware which provides an extra-long extension that expands your working and eating space. You can find more of the details at Cesar.


minimalist kitchen table design
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minimalist kitchen cabinets design
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