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Contemporary Furniture versus Modern Furniture

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Contemporary Furniture – All traditional furniture styles are reproductions of period furniture. They can obviously be identified by defined lines, curves and distinguishing decoration. Contemporary furniture is inspired by traditional styles; however it is not a direct representation of any one style. Contemporary designs are modified and adapted. It is intended to make the pieces of more functional than decorative. The existence of any distinctive line or ornamentation characteristic of period furniture has been simplified or diminished to the point where the furniture is unrecognizable in any traditional design sense. Contemporary styles of furniture can be grouped together by time periods in the 20th century, such as 1930’s contemporary or 1970’s contemporary.

contemporary furniture design
Modern Furniture – The existence of modern furniture style was started in the 1920’s. This was the start of the Modernism Movement, inspired by Art Deco style designs with geometric angles, sharp lines and shiny metal surfaces, as the current technology of that era was reflected in these characteristics. Modern furniture was and still is designed on the principle that form follows function. The shape of modern furniture is determined by the intended use. Current day materials are used to make sleek, clean lines and can be molded into any kind of shape.

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In conclusion, the difference between these contemporary furniture and modern furniture is that modern furniture comes from an entirely new design concept where contemporary styles are modified from past traditional styles to become more modern-like.

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