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Climbing Roses on House Ideas

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Climbing Roses on House Ideas

Growing Climbing Roses is a Perfect Addition to Your Landscape

Climbing Roses on House Ideas. Climbing roses are a perfect addition to any landscape or rose garden. These roses come in many different varieties and colors. Growing climbing roses is not much more difficult than growing other kinds of roses. These types of rose can climb anywhere from 6-30 feet as long as it’s trained to do so. Most people use climbing roses for climbing trees, fences, gazebos, and others to add color to their yard. Most of these roses are variations of rose bush types.

These beautiful roses can either bloom clusters of roses on its stem or large, single flowers. Depending on the variety you choose to start growing, climbing roses can bloom once a season or continuously. To train your rose to bloom heavily, lead their cane/stem in a horizontal direction along a fence or such. When anchoring your roses, make sure the supports are loose enough to encourage the plants to produce new growth and climb. Growing climbing roses in your yard will help attract birds, give wonderful fragrant to the yard, they have attractive foliage, not to mention they are fairly easy to grow.

Growing climbing roses will help provide many colors to your landscape without taking up too much ground space. Generally, these roses are very winter hardy, but you may want to ask your local nursery to learn which one will suit your needs and area.

The Beauty of Growing Climbing Roses

Here are some of the top varieties of roses from the Rosa selection that may brighten up your garden. This selection usually reaches heights between 6-18 feet and widths of up to 6 feet.

Alberic Barbier

This is a very popular rose today even though it was bred in 1900. Growing this climbing rose will offer nice pale yellow bud then turning to ivory flowers. This rose plant usually grows 15-20 feet tall.


This wonderful rose won the 1976 All-American Rose Selections award with its coral pink blooms and heights from 8-16 feet.


This French-bred variety is a vigorous and disease resistant rose that reaches heights of 10 feet. Growing climbing roses of this variety will let you enjoy their beautiful single red blossoms that will bloom repeatedly throughout the season.

Fourth of July

These roses bloom repeatedly nice semi-doubled, ruffled red and white striped flowers. In milder climates, it can climb 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide, but in colder regions, it will remain shrubby.

Golden Showers

Grow about 10 feet tall and gets 5 feet wide with a beautiful light aroma. This flower seems to be in bloom all the time with its stunning yellow flowers.

New Dawn

This soft pink petal-packed blossom can grow up to 18 feet tall. These disease-resistant roses are perfect for an arbor in just about any climate.

When transplanting your beautiful climbing rose, remember to add bone meal and some sort of all-purpose rose fertilizer, or compost, to the soil to help ensure good root growth.

Growing climbing roses is a very enjoyable hobby. Many people love planting and caring for roses in their yard or garden, and growing climbing roses always seem to be a passion of many rosarians.

Landy Centeno has been a rose gardening enthusiast for over 10 years. He loves to plant his rose garden in spring with his wife and daughter in the Wi area. For more information on growing climbing roses please visit

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