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Choosing Patio Furniture for Small Spaces

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patio furniture sets

patio furniture sets

It’s really nice if you possess a large patio that can accommodate all of your friends and family. But, not everyone is lucky enough to have a large outdoor space where they can relax and unwind. Nowadays, more people are choosing apartments and condos that only have a small balcony or deck. The good news is that you don’t have to have a lot of space to have a great patio. There are so many compact pieces of patio furniture that you can enjoy your patio no matter what size it is.


One of the most important steps in choosing patio furniture for small patios is to measure. The size of furniture in a store, online or in a catalog can be deceiving if you only look at the piece or some images. Always make sure that you measure your space and get the measurement of the patio furniture pieces before you purchase them. Shapes, styles and even colors can make furniture pieces seem much smaller or larger than they really are.

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If you are unsure whether a certain piece of patio furniture will fit the space you have, make a diagram on the floor. For example, if you are shopping for a table get the exact measurements. Measure the length and width of the table on the floor and mark the area with masking tape. Then stand back and see if there is enough space for the table. While a cozy little nook is nice, you don’t want to have to make everyone stand up and move their chairs for someone to get out from behind the table.

If there is one thing that every patio has to have it’s a table and chairs. However, most standard patio tables are too big for small patios. The best solution is to use a nice patio bar set instead. You can find patio bar sets with square, rectangle and round tables. They are fairly compact and generally come with matching seating. You can also find miniature patio tables with chairs that are perfect for patios with limited space.

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If at all possible, even small patios should have seating other than a table and chairs. If you have room, your patio will look better and be more functional if you have at least one grouping of patio chairs with a small table. There will be times when sitting at a dining table or bar set isn’t going to be comfortable and you’ll want an individual chair. A small table will give you somewhere to place your drinks.

If you have a patio that is narrow, look for patio furniture pieces that are narrow. Instead of a round patio table, choose a rectangle shape that will fit against a wall. Garden benches are an excellent way to add extra seating on small patios. And, most garden benches have hinged lids that raise to provide storage for items that aren’t in use.

Folding patio furniture pieces is another excellent choice if you have a small patio. These pieces are really easy to store when you don’t need them. But, they can be set out in just minutes if you have unexpected company or want to entertain guests. Today, folding patio furniture is often so beautiful, you might want to use it all the time.

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