Involving architectural ideas in interior design would give a distinctive taste to the outlook of the home. Architecture in interior design importantly needed.

If you have never seen or heard it then do not be surprised if in Chile (Chile, South America) there is a pool that reaches 1 km or has a volume of 250,000 cubic meters of water, area of 8 hectares and has a range of depths up to 35 meters.

Nemo 33 is a 33-meter deep swimming pool that is filled with specially filtered unchlorinated spring water. It has a range of different cool stuff underwater, including simulated caves, several platforms and of course the 33-meter deep cylindrical pit.

The swimming pool is located at the hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore This is the highest pool in the world today because the location of the pool is located at an altitude of 200 m or more precisely on the roof of the building as high as 55 floors.

The basic production principle of a “Tegolasolare” tile is that of a roof tile, in both form and material. A solar power panel comprising four photovoltaic cells is installed on the roofing tile with ceramic body mix.