Architecture In Interior Design

modern architecture design
Architecture in interior design first evolved when human beings started to construct houses of stone, wood, or mud for themselves. Although these simple constructions were not as complicated and sophisticated as the present day interiors, they were the first steps taken by mankind in the field of architecture in interior design. As time advanced, humans began to incorporate a variety of different elements to improve the décor of their houses. This ultimately was responsible for giving birth to architecture in interior design.

architecture interior design
The first remarkable architectures in interior design date back to the Roman and Gothic ages. The basic principles underlying the concept of architecture in interior design have been largely affected by the socio-economic, political, and cultural conditions prevailing in different eras. For instance, the architecture in the décor of the houses built during the Second World War was quite simple, uncomplicated, and natural. Similarly, other important periods in the human history have been related to distinctive styles of architecture in interior design.

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The most remarkable forms of architecture that evolved in interior designing till date include the Gothic style of the 13th century, the Baroque style of the 17th century, the Georgian style of the 18th century, and the Classical and Modernistic Art styles of the 19th and 20th centuries respectively. These ancient styles are characterized mainly by the use of stones and ironwork, while the modern architectural designs emphasize more on the use of concrete and steel to construct spectacular interiors.

modern architecture interior design
Another popular present-day form of architecture in interior designs is the Green Architecture that focuses mainly on eco-friendly theme for designing and decorating homes. This form of architectural design makes use of recycled and environment friendly material and green color schemes for interior designing and decorations. via

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