above ground swimming pool picture 04

Above Ground Swimming Pools Maintenance and Care

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above ground swimming pool picture 04

above ground swimming pool picture
Swimming pool as one important section in our home needs a periodical maintenance to keep it clean and healthy particularly in the winter when we usually do not use it. Probably these tips will help you to maintain you swimming pool through those colder months. If you care your pool throughout the winter, you will be able to keep your cover last longer and open it in the spring without getting many problems.

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Periodical check of cover cable is a must. It is intended to make sure that it is still tight. If you get the cable loose, the cover may begin to slip into the pool. You’d better check the air pillow and make it sure still have enough air in it. If you find it starting to become flat, you have to get another one and slip it under the cover and blow it up. It is important to remember that the air pillow is not in the pool to keep rain water off the cover. It is exactly there to keep your pool walls from splitting if the pool water freezes and expands. You don’t have to be too worried if the pillow is in the center of the pool and it does not matter if it is not one hundred percent inflated.

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You must also pump or siphon the rain water off the cover several times during the winter and remove any leaves on it. Excess water and leaf weight is able to cause undue stress on the cover and to trigger the cover to rip or fall in. If it is so, it is wise to do a monthly check of the water level. Losing a lot of water from the pool can be caused by a slow leak in the liner. If you find the water dropping, you simply refill with a hose and keep it as high as possible to prevent damage to the cover, liner, and walls. If you also see part of the cover that fall into the pool, you must pull it up and appropriately reset it immediately to cast away damage. [via]

above ground swimming pool picture 04